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ASL Aviation Holdings empowers its airlines with Safety Insight and GE Aerospace FlightPulse

GE Aerospace recently announced that ASL Aviation Holdings has chosen to adopt Safety Insight and FlightPulse® for all its airlines and associate airlines including FlySafair, ASL Airlines France, ASL Airlines Belgium, and ASL Airlines Ireland. 

Historically, ASL’s have used a variety of software solutions from different vendors for FDM (Flight Data Monitoring) and flight animation. As part of the group centralization efforts, the ASL is aligning all its airlines with one set of tools for FDM, built on top of GE’s industry leading flight data analytics platform called EMS (Event Measurement System). A direct benefit of this centralization is the ability to provide flight crews with a common EFB application for FDM.   

With Safety Insight, ASL’s airlines will be able to put their data to work to continue operating with the highest level of safety. The solution will enable airlines to optimize data handling, reduce manual intervention, and enhance reporting and insights. Safety Insight will also enable teams to identify additional improvement opportunities by sharing best practices across airlines in the group, thanks to a common toolset. 

For pilots in ASL’s airlines, FlightPulse® enables them to take a more active role in optimizing how their airline operates. For instance, pilots can access personalized safety information directly on their EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) once data has been downloaded and processed. This gives pilots access to personalized and precise information they either didn’t have before or could only get by request from their safety department. 

To further the value of FlightPulse® to its airlines, the ASL has also adopted the AIRINC FASET animation package through GE Aerospace’s partnership with AIRINC. This package allows airlines to create realistic animations of flights using historic flight data, taking pilot training and flight debriefing to a whole new level. 

“We think Safety Insight and FlightPulse® will be a perfect fit for us”, said Capt. Michael Mulligan, Group Safety Manager at ASL. “One of our priorities has been to advance safety data analysis and enable ASL safety teams to work more effectively together — these solutions will go a long way to help us reach that goal.” 

“We’re thrilled that ASL has selected us to serve them,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager at GE Aerospace. “They’ve selected solutions that will help create a unified experience across teams and empower pilots to take a more active role in flight safety.”