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Parasoft Launches New Product Essential to Large Teams Developing Safety-Critical C/C++ Applications

C/C++test CT Transforms Verification for Embedded Systems

Parasoft, a global leading provider of automated software testing solutions, introduces C/C++test CT, a comprehensive solution tailored for large teams engaged in the development of safety- and security-critical C and C++ products. Drawing insights from customer feedback and market trends, such as the rising popularity of frameworks like GoogleTest, Parasoft has identified the need for this new product. C/C++test CT is designed to streamline test automation and ensure continuous compliance with standards, making it an essential tool for software development teams.

Watch Parasoft’s webinar, Unveiling Parasoft C/C++test CT for Continuous Testing & Compliance Excellence, to discover more about Parasoft’s latest release.

C/C++test CT seamlessly integrates into developers’ desktop environments and modern CI/CD workflows, catering to both large, intricate systems and smaller applications with its intuitive command-line interface and adaptability. Notably, customers have thoroughly tested the tool, confirming its effectiveness in their development processes.

“Feedback from our lead C++ developers about the integration of Parasoft C/C++ CT was enthusiastic, concluding that the new product improves developer satisfaction and efficiency, providing a seamless coverage experience fully integrated with VS Code. Additionally, our panel highlighted how Parasoft C/C++ CT enables cleaner and more flexible integration as a coverage tool, thanks to its modularized nature,” said a member of Quality Management and Methods in the ADAS business unit of a multinational engineering and technology company.

C/C++test CT integrates seamlessly with open source unit testing frameworks like GoogleTest, Boost.Test, and CppUnit, providing developers with the flexibility to meet various project requirements. Furthermore, TÜV certification is anticipated shortly after its launch, confirming its suitability for high-demand and collaborative continuous testing environments for safety- and security-critical systems.

Key Features of C/C++test CT:

  • Integration with GoogleTest. Seamlessly integrate C/C++test CT with GoogleTest, boosting software testing efficiency and ensuring compliance with structural code coverage requirements.
  • Versatile integration. Unlike conventional testing tools, C/C++test CT offers seamless integration into developers’ desktop environments and modern CI/CD workflows, eliminating IDE dependencies and making it compatible with containers and VS Code.
  • Automated compliance. Accelerate compliance efforts by automating code coverage requirements and ensuring sufficient code coverage and requirements testing. C/C++test CT exposes missing test vectors, automates code coverage requirements, and extends CI code coverage quality gates.
  • Comprehensive reporting. Gain insights into compliance and quality processes with Parasoft’s DTP, a web-based central reporting system included with C/C++test CT. DTP’s centralized reporting and analytics enable trend monitoring and progress tracking for various coverage metrics.