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EmpowerMX launches EMX Vision: AI-based module empowering MRO planning and execution

EmpowerMX, the cloud-based aircraft maintenance software company, announced the launch of EMX Vision, an AI-based module that transforms MRO planning and execution, built on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling to offer MRO organizations the ability to leverage internal and external information to deliver highly accurate turn-around times to customers.

Dinakara Nagalla, CEO of EmpowerMX, said, “EMX Vision represents a significant technological leap forward in aircraft maintenance management. With this AI-driven base, we’re providing the aviation industry an innovative way to optimize nearly every aspect of their operations. We believe our ground-up approach in leveraging large data, models, and apps with an AI-first approach is a game changer.”

Currently, EMX Vision helps MRO clients increase their wins in Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request For Quotations (RFQs), and Quoting processes. With access to broad execution data and manufacturer OEMs data, it precisely forecasts labor, defects, material probabilities, Turn Around Time (TAT), and resource allocation, it provides a faster and more accurate way to estimate costs and apply commercial terms.

EMX Vision is also addressing the areas of check completion time forecasting, and non-routines recommendations.

Over the course of the next few quarters, EMX Vision will be rolling out additional AI-based impact in key areas of the MRO operations.

“MRO operations—whether small or large—are typically addressing critical information gaps in the areas of materials, workforce planning, real-time execution, and customer data. We believe EMX Vision can enable MRO organizations of any size to harness vast amounts of historical aircraft and process data, on-the-go data including task flows and milestones, and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) data, to gain a deeper understanding of their reality on the ground, plan for it, and shorten their delivery times to customers,” continued Nagalla.

EMX Vision will address traditional material management in the areas of planning, procurement, and aligned to processes include tooling, ground support equipment, need-by-dates planning, procurement, storage, and shipping. The AI-based recommendation engine will help MRO planners forecast and procure accurately, removing the existing lags from lack of information.

“We realize that talent and experience are at the core of any MRO organization, and are designing EMX Vision to help our clients’ workforce planning and real-time execution capabilities,” outlines Nagalla, “by delivering algorithmic staffing adjustment recommendations, skill-based crew building, and task assignments. EMX Vision aims to optimize workforce distribution and task assignments to maximize productivity and reduce span times.”

EMX Vision will also deliver an intelligent and intuitive interface for mission-critical information access: technical data including AMM, IPC, ITEM, SRM and more that are easily referenced and fed to sub-tasks. This will reduce the time-consuming chore of searching for technical data, including service bulletins and airworthiness directives.

About EmpowerMX:

Based in Frisco, Texas, EmpowerMX is an industry leader in aviation maintenance management software solutions. Recognized for their leading-edge technology, EmpowerMX streamlines and simplifies Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Through its innovative use of cloud-based and mobile-first technology, EmpowerMX continues to transform and modernize the field of aircraft maintenance.