TrustFlight Announces Integration with FL3XX into its Leading Electronic Tech Log

TrustFlight Ltd. (TrustFlight), a technology innovator focused on digitization of the aviation industry, today announced the integration of FL3XX, the complete aviation management solution for sales, dispatch, crew, maintenance, reports, and management, into its industry-leading Electronic Tech Log (ETL) solution. The integration, enabled by TrustFlight’s Integration Platform, will ingest FL3XX flight data including flight, passenger, and crew information, directly into TrustFlight’s ELB to eliminate time-consuming data entry and associated errors.

“TrustFlight was founded on three principles—increasing safety, reducing risk, and ensuring compliance,” said Karl Steeves, CEO, TrustFlight. “With the integration of FL3XX, we’ve made the Electronic Logbook (ELB) process even easier so pilots can skip the manual entry and focus on flying. Additionally, operators can be certain that there are no journey log errors or overruns on duty, so compliance requirements are always met.”

With the integration, information already entered in FL3XX will populate in TrustFlight’s Electronic Logbook (ELB), reducing pilot workload by auto-completing required fields with readily available data. Additionally, as soon as onboard documents are completed by the flight crew, they’re immediately available to the operations team with bi-directional syncing. When the flight is completed, actual takeoff and landing times, crew duty times, or details of fuel usage are automatically exported into FL3XX. The integration ensures that aircraft records are kept up-to-date and accurate, which is often a challenge for operators running disparate systems across their organisation.

“We’re excited to continue our relationship with TrustFlight,” said Paolo Sommariva, CEO, FL3XX. “We have already worked with TrustFlight on creating an integration for their Safety Management System, TrustFlight Centrik, and the integration with their Electronic Tech Log (ETL) is a welcome addition for our global user base.”

About TrustFlight

TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator that specialises in the aerospace and aviation domain. The company’s best-in-class solutions and services provide an added layer of safety, efficiency, and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. With over 80,000 active users, TrustFlight’s industry-leading suite of solutions include an Electronic Logbook (ELB), Safety and Quality Management System (SMS/QMS), Reliability Analytics software, the innovative MEL Manager, and aviation Technical Services for continuing airworthiness.

Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown to become a global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, regulators, maintenance providers, and business aviation operators around the world. To learn more, visit www.trustflight.com and follow @TrustFlight on LinkedIn and X.

About FL3XX

FL3XX is the leading web and app-based aviation management platform that stands at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry. Specializing in Part 135, Part 91, Trip Support, Medevac, and Cargo operations, FL3XX offers the most intuitive software solution that serves as the foundation for sales, operations, maintenance, and management teams to excel in their day-to-day functions. With a global network of over 200 operators across all continents already benefiting from its capabilities, FL3XX also integrates with a market-leading number of services that enable operators to save significant work hours each month, thereby boosting productivity and profitability. FL3XX operates out of its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, with a local presence in Europe, North Americas, and Asia. For more information visit: www.FL3XX.com