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The AVIATOR 300D has been selected by Hawaiian Airlines for its Boeing 767s

A lot of things have happened since Hawaiian Airlines took off with the first 767 aircraft equipped with Cobham’s AVIATOR 300D system providing SwiftBroadband directly to the cockpit and by that kicked off the evaluation of SwiftBroadband as a safety service on June 3, 2015.
A close cooperation between Hawaiian Airlines, Cobham (Now Thales Aerospace Communications), Inmarsat (Now Viasat) and STC company L2 Aviation made it possible to get Hawaiian Airlines’ fleet of 767-300s equipped with the AVIATOR 300D system and integrated with the CMU and EFB. Prior to the installation both the AVIATOR 300D as well as the SwiftBroadband infrastructure had been modified with Gateways to the ACARS system.

The evaluation and the performance were closely followed by the industry and monitored by FAA’s PARC CWG. The performance made the industry sit up and listen and lead to the approval of SwiftBroadband as a safety service for both data link and SATVOICE. The SBS-1 service.
But not only that, the Swiftbroadband service provided the required IP bandwidth necessary for  Hawaiian Airlines’ E-Fly system.
The SBS-1 has since been further enhanced and the safety levels improved with the SBS-2.

Thales Aerospace Communications new generation of Satcom systems, the AVIATOR S systems, have implemented all the enhanced safety features and cyber security requirements. They are also fully integrated with the flight decks and showing their values daily in Boeing and Airbus aircraft.