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Lufthansa City Airlines: First Regular SARPcheck Safety Audit Successfully Conducted

The world’s first regular SARPcheck aviation safety audit has been conducted for Lufthansa City Airlines by the audit firm (“SQO”) AEROTHRIVE, the London-based not-for-profit governance body SARP Ltd. announced today.

“The SARPcheck partners are thrilled to see that the global demand for accessible and pragmatic ICAO SARP-based aviation safety audits led to the first regular SARPcheck audit just days after the launch of this exciting new global program,” said Henrik Baark, CEO of AEROTHRIVE. He continued, “Lufthansa City Airlines has now been added to the registry on, where it can be seen alongside the registry entries of Mexican Viva Aerobus and Berlin-based Sundair, which successfully underwent their SARPcheck trial audits earlier.”
Lufthansa City Airlines intends to start operations in June this year. A SARPcheck Phase II registry entry certifies an operator’s full compliance with applicable ICAO SARPs (Standards and Recommended Practices) from those ICAO Annexes considered relevant by aviation authorities and airline partners for an operator to engage in codeshare and wet lease operations. James Wake, Director of SARP Ltd., explains, “Thanks to the fast registry entry and pragmatic processes in the SARPcheck program, this will enable Lufthansa City Airlines to take airline partner codes on their flights right from the start of operations.” Wake adds, “This is a prime example of one of the use cases making SARPcheck an attractive option for the airline industry by elevating flight safety, boosting airline business, and being affordable and accessible at the same time.”
The SARPcheck aviation safety audit had its global launch in March 2024 after roughly one and a half years of development work involving the three SQOs AEROTHRIVE, Aviation Quality Services, and Wake QA, as well as stakeholders from the global aviation industry, including airlines and regulators. ICAO SARPs form the baseline law on which global aviation legislation of ICAO member states is built. The SARPcheck compliance assessment of an operator’s compliance status with such legal requirements provides a global comparison of the fulfillment of safety-relevant requirements, allowing airlines to cooperate based on an assessment of sufficient safety levels.

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