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Pilot John International Expands Aircraft WIFI Equipment Distribution with CCX Technologies

Aerospace parts company Pilot John International is expanding its aircraft WIFI equipment distribution with the help of CCX Technologies. Strengthening its partnership will enable the brand to provide more products to avionics and aircraft WIFI installation facilities for installing connectivity technology on aircraft.

“We have offered CCX Technologies’ T-RX Avionics Radio & Pulse Tester for some time,” says company Avionics Lead Triston Kight. “However, now we want to expand our lineup by offering three additional products, helping us cement our partnership and provide our customers with even more value.”

PJi will now offer CCX’s trio of groundbreaking products designed to enhance connectivity and communication within aircraft cabins. The first new product is CCX Technologies’ IK-200 Three-Element Dual-Band WIFI Antenna, a device for installation in aircraft cabins. It has a D-Sub-based multi-coax connector, two radiating elements, and matching networks to support 50-ohm cabling. Additional features include support for a range of WIFI bands, suitability for military and government aircraft, and compact form factor.

The second product is the IK-201 Multi-Band LTE Antenna. The wide-band (700 to 5200 MHz) small form factor 2×2 LTE and GNSS antenna device also fits in aircraft cabins and comes with two radiating elements and matching networks 50-ohm cabling support.

The final product is the AP-561 Micro-WAP (Wireless Access Point). This kit allows passengers and onboard aircraft equipment to communicate wirelessly, thanks to its Giga-Bit Ethernet Interface and an 802.11ac WiFi Radio with an integrated antenna. The system can send data using various protocols, providing aircraft operators greater flexibility.

These innovative products represent a leap forward in in-flight connectivity, providing passengers and crew with reliable communication and entertainment options throughout their journey.

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