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CoreAVI Announces Partnership With Telechips To Support And Distribute Joint Safety Critical Solutions Based On Dolphin 5 Silicon To The Aerospace & Defense Industry

CoreAVI recently announced its partnership with Telechips to bring the Dolphin 5 system on chip device to the aerospace & defense industry. CoreAVI’s suite of safety critical Vulkan® SC™ – based GPU acceleration drivers and libraries will be available on the Dolphin 5. This partnership will bring Arm’s Mali-G78AE GPU technology for safe graphics and compute applications to the future of airborne platforms. The Dolphin 5 chip and software stack are certifiable to DO-178C DAL A.

CoreAVI’s VkCore® SC Vulkan SC-based software portfolio enables the implementation of a full safe software stack on the Dolphin 5. CoreAVI’s VkCoreGL® SC1 OpenGL® SC™ 1.0.1 and VkCoreGL® SC2 OpenGL® SC™ 2.0 application libraries allow integrators to develop in OpenGL SC 1.0.1 or OpenGL SC 2.0 while taking advantage of the next gen capabilities of Vulkan SC. Vulkan SC provides unprecedented access to GPU compute and graphics resources while employing advanced acceleration technology that promotes balanced CPU/GPU usage, boosting performance with enhanced distribution of work across multiple cores. The complete software stack is available with DO-178C safety certification evidence to DAL A.

The Telechips Dolphin 5 is built on a low power 8nm process node and integrates Arm’s Mali-G78AE GPU which provides a 5-channel display interface as well as a flexible multi-cluster CPU configuration. With Arm’s Ethos™-N78 Neural Processing Unit (NPU), safety island subsystem, 4 channel ISP for vision systems, and a flexible LPPDR4/4x/5 memory controller, the Dolphin 5 is purpose-built for next-gen safety critical platforms.

“CoreAVI is excited to partner with Telechips as their go-to-market partner for avionics,” said Dan Joncas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at CoreAVI. “The combination of Arm’s Mali-G78AE GPU with Telechips advanced silicon technology enables our customers with the safety critical power and performance they need for next generation developments.”

“We look forward to partnering with CoreAVI to bring our new Dolphin 5 technology to the avionics market,” said Stanley Kim, VP Sales at Telechips. “It is essential that our avionics customers have the latest and greatest in safety critical graphics technology to enable their toughest missions, and we’re confident that with our collaboration with CoreAVI, we will accomplish that, and more.”