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Latest Release of Wind River Studio Developer Addresses Challenges of DevSecOps Adoption for the Intelligent Edge

Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for mission-critical intelligent systems, has announced the latest release of Wind River Studio Developer, an edge-to-cloud DevSecOps platform that accelerates development, deployment, and operation of mission-critical systems. The new enhancements and delivery models for Wind River Studio are designed to help software teams more easily and successfully adopt cloud-native development capabilities that match their ongoing journey toward DevSecOps approaches.

The path to developing the next generation of cloud-connected systems has become incredibly complex. It requires adopting a DevSecOps approach to a software lifecycle. Modern cloud-native tools and techniques allow software teams to innovate quickly, but they must also be adapted to address the unique challenges of intelligent systems and embedded software. Cloud-native DevSecOps tools also often need to work within the confines of software team’s existing software development infrastructure and enable them to incrementally improve their workflows and processes over time.

“Wind River Studio Developer delivers a flexible and collaborative platform that addresses the dynamic needs surrounding the software driving the intelligent systems of the future. It helps solve the challenges of managing complexity in modern software development environments, using a cloud-native platform that helps improve efficiency, manage costs, increase quality, and accelerate delivery timeframes,” said Avijit Sinha, president, Wind River. “Unlike other DevSecOps platforms, Studio Developer was designed specifically for software teams developing embedded/edge software, saving them the time and hassle of adopting and maintaining generic software tools to fit their specific needs.”

Industry-leading organizations are using Studio Developer to lower embedded software lifecycle costs, shorten time-to-market, accelerate innovation, and capture new revenue opportunities. Global mobility leader Aptiv has achieved from 20% to over 40% workflow performance improvements in its software building and scanning processes using Studio Developer, versus its existing embedded/edge software tools chains. Hyundai Mobis, one of the world’s largest vehicle technology innovators and suppliers, selected Wind River Studio to accelerate its software-defined vehicle development. A leading automation company for a variety of industries including industrial automation, healthcare, social systems, and device and module solutions, selected Wind River Studio to develop its edge platform for industrial operational technology solutions.

The modular architecture of Studio Developer allows software teams to use Studio with the software tools, operating systems, containers, and middleware that they have today, integrating them with the Studio DevSecOps environment.

Studio Developer delivers improvements in software workflow productivity and efficiency by​ leveraging scalable cloud resources (on-demand)​, standardizing automation pipelines, allowing cloud-based collaboration on a shared platform, easy on-boarding​, and enhanced traceability throughout the software development process.