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Innovative AV-Link Receives FAA Approval, Ushers in a New Era for the Connected Cockpit in Certified Aircraft

Following months of collaboration, uAvionix is thrilled to announce the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval of the AV-Link for certified aircraft. This approval expands the available functionality of uAvionix’s ecosystem of AV-30 panel displays, skySensor, and portable ADS-B receivers and transforms how these devices work with each other to display data for enhanced situational awareness and pilot efficiency in the cockpit. 

“The journey to this achievement has been formidable, lasting several years while navigating numerous regulatory challenges,” noted Ryan Braun, Chief Operating Officer for uAvionix. “In retrospect, it has been worth the wait, as the AV-Link delivers out-sized functionality through its Wi-Fi connectivity and sets the stage for even greater interoperability with more avionics systems in the future.”

The AV-Link, a Wi-Fi companion module for the AV-30, is pivotal to enabling the display of non-certified ADS-B traffic data on certified avionic instruments. This integration is uncommon but significant, allowing pilots to affordably access comprehensive flight data through a streamlined, reliable interface. This means that traffic information can now be received by a Sentry portable ADS-B receiver, and simultaneously displayed on both the AV-30 and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).

Furthermore, the AV-Link facilitates seamless connections between EFBs and the AV-30, including forthcoming comprehensive integration with the class-leading ForeFlight EFB application. This integration promises to enhance operational efficiency by merging the robustness of certified avionics with the versatility of consumer-grade technology. 

Deep collaboration with the FAA was crucial to overcoming the regulatory concerns while retaining the essential functionality needed for the AV-Link. Looking ahead, uAvionix plans to continue this trajectory of innovation and excellence. The recent submission of certification plans for the AV-APA and AV-HSI, allowing for analog and digital autopilot, and IFR navigator integrations, is expected to further revolutionize uAvionix’s offerings and reinforce its growing leadership in the aviation market.

The AV-Link’s approval not only sets a new benchmark in avionics connectivity but also aligns with uAvionix’s vision of an interconnected and efficient cockpit environment. The company remains dedicated to pushing the envelope of what is possible in aviation technology and ensuring our customers have access to affordable capabilities that meet the needs of pilots across the aviation industry.